“I love Cedar View! This is my second time admitting for rehab to get stronger and I couldn’t be happier with the care I received from the nurses and rehab team. I would recommend their services to friends and family in need of rehab or nursing home care. Staff is very nice and caring.”

– Elizabeth Marcouillier

“I have been here for almost a month and I like it very much. I enjoy being here while I get better and stronger. The nurses are great, and I love the PT/OT team. Juanita, LPN, is a great nurse. She’s always there to help with my needs. Patty, UM, always checks in on me. Colleen, (pictured), always helps me with a smile on her face. Lisa Tylus, NP, is very attentive and she really cares for her patients. I would come here again if needed.”

– Suzanne Marks

“I feel very good with the care I received at Cedar View after being admitted for Holy Family with Covid. I am very thankful for the therapy I received and for the way the nurses cared for me. Everyone was very nice and attentive to me. SPECIAL THANK YOU to therapist Colleen Capozzi, COTA for making my stay extra special and helping me whenever I needed.”

– Sheila Thibeault

“I had such a great experience during my stay at Cedar View. The nursing and rehab team gave me the care and attention I needed after I returned from the hospital. They always had a smile on their face in every interaction when caring for me. Special thanks to Meg, Frank, Eva and Colleen for helping me get to a better place physically and making sure I had a speedy recovery to go back to the comfort of my own home. Cedar View nurses and CNAs were also very considerate and caring; what a great experience.”

– Marilyn Curran

“The nurses are very nice and attentive. I am pleased and grateful for the treatment that I am receiving and how patient they are while caring for me. I am happy to be here for rehab.”

– Mary Lind

“My first encounter with the nurses and rehab was great. I am feeling better and doing extremely well. The staff here is very kind and attentive. I will definitely return here if I ever need rehab services again.”

– Reginald Walker

“I’m very happy with my stay. The staff was very nice and food was great. I love it here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for rehab.


– Michelle Avery

“The treatment I received was excellent. The nursing staff treated me well and were very attentive. I felt right at home. I would come back without thinking twice if I ever need rehab services in the future.”

– Freddy Cruz

“I am very happy with the care I received. I would consider coming back if I ever needed to; as well as recommend this facility to friends and family that may need rehab services. Staff treated me good. The food was pretty good also.”

– Jose Batista

“I’ve been here for almost two months and couldn’t be happier with the care I continue to receive. Both nursing and rehab staff are very nice, thoughtful, and they really care about patients’ goal of care. The food is good. It is nice to be able to have some of the foods I would eat at home. For fun, I enjoy playing dominoes with residents and with Marty, the Hispanic Program Director.”

– Maiky Cardoza

“It is my express purpose here to praise the Cedar View Rehabilitation, Methuen, Massachusetts for its exemplary quality nursing staff and “over-the-top” professional medical attention to the needs of patients. I saw it every day! Realizing that healthcare is currently facing massive difficulties in staffing, this facility manages to maintain a very organized staff of nurses, aids, PT, OT, and kind executive individuals. Each department is encouraging and shows compassion with “hands-on” demonstration. I would highly recommend this rehab as they treat patients with dignity, respect, and love.”

– Joy Iaquinta

“This was an unexpected second stay for me here at Cedar View, but I would return if I ever needed to again. Everyone here is very well trained, patient, and respectful. I would like to come back in the near future to volunteer. I am going be a prayer warrior from home and keep these people in my prayers.”

– June Robert

“I was on the Eastside for almost two months, a met a lot of new friends and new CNAs (especially William). He is especially kind and caring. All the nurses were nice and caring to me. All the CNAs were good also.”

– Lisa Woodard

“I admitted to Cedar View approximately two and a half weeks ago. I am now to the point where I can return home. The rehab staff were great and I would like to thank Debbie especially who came in on the weekends and helped me with stairs as she knew that was important from me. Also, Lisa was the first person who I met from the therapy dept. And made sure I felt comfortable with what I could do and had enough confidence to go home and not have to worry.”

– C J

“Thanks so much to all the wonderful folks that have helped to put me back in the “swing of life”. I especially acknowledge my P.T. Julie, an angel, and lovely Coleen my O.P. “The best to Jackie” The nurses are always the heart of any medical center. We are blessed to have them. Hugs to all the CA’s, such good workers! God’s blessing to all. Sincerely,”

– June Anderson

“I was so happy to end up at Cedar View for rehab. The professionalism of the entire staff was outstanding. I really feel they got me on my feet, we worked together and we worked hard. Your staff was very inspirational. I would recommend Cedar View to everyone. Thank you!”

– Janet M. Quinlan

“Cedar View has an excellent staff of nurses and cna staff. They all work very hard and are responsive and aware to my needs physical and medical. The staff was kind and treated me with respect.  The rooms were very nice and I have my window views. The room was cleaned daily.  In addition, the hallways were cleaned daily. I also liked the covid tests weekly I received.  That was and is a proactive approach to keeping on top of this disease. The physical therapy department and gym were great. The gym is beautiful and I made good use of it with help from the therapists.
PS. The chicken tacos are excellent!”

– R.M.

“The nurses were exceptional! The CNAs were awesome! Colleen and John in Rehab were great! I loved my stay!”

– Eric Faucher

“Before I came here, I couldn’t walk or move my hands. I got very sick because I have cancer. I have a lot of thanks to give to God and to the people here at Cedar View. They lifted me up. I consider them to be my angels. Without Cedar View, I wouldn’t be here. No matter how down I felt, they lifted me up. Before, I couldn’t walk and now I am stronger. With the help of therapy, I am not only walking but I can now climb 12 stairs. I am thankful for Cheryl–we hug each other every morning–and for Bibiana who helps me.”

Thank you,
Sonia Santiago

“The nurses took great care of my wounds. I came in with a lot of stitches and I couldn’t walk. I had been bedridden for 2 months. I love the wound care treatment here. Once the stitches came out, therapy worked with me, and little by little I was able to walk. I became as independent as possible. The wound care doctor visited me weekly and was very kind. She told me exactly what she was doing and what to expect. She took her time and answered all my questions. The CNA’s are also very kind and thoughtful. They felt bad about the pain I was in and took great care when moving me. The physical and occupational therapy is wonderful. I am excited and nervous about returning home.”

– Judith L. Bradley

“My Mom and I feel grateful to the facility. We 100% loved that the place was clean, the nurses were pleasant and helpful. We are thankful for all they did for my mother. She was happy here. I went to other facilities and I chose this one from all of them because it is the cleanest facility and I like the treatment my mother received while she was here.
God bless you always.”

Son of Angelica Ortega, Resident in Cedarview’s Hispanic Program

“I would recommend Cedar View to anyone.”
“I LOVE Cedar View and all the people who took such good care of me. All the employees were so good to me. The physical therapy team were compassionate and great at what they do. All the employees hugged me and kissed my cheek goodbye. I will miss them.”

– Roberta Gioacchini
with Skilled Unit Manager, Makayla Carter

“I was here nine weeks and then returned home a month ago. I requested Cedar View for my second stay and it has now been two \weeks since I’ve been back here at Cedar View. The food is great, all the aides and nurses are very, very good and there is not a long wait for medications. I have met a lot of wonderful people including those in the Physical Therapy department. I would certainly recommend Cedar View to anyone considering them for Rehabilitation.”

– Lorraine Radie

I never thought Henry would go home.
The team at Cedar View took great care of him and even found something missed, that wasn’t previously diagnosed. His mind has cleared and I’m so happy to take him home.

Gigi, Henry’s Caretaker

“Out of all the facilities I’ve been in, Cedar View is the BEST FACILITY BY FAR.”
I’ve been in many rehab facilities these past few years, all of which I could not wait to get out of. I seriously couldn’t find anything wrong with Cedar View even if I tried. The very caring staff members are always smiling. There is excellent food every day and the facility is so clean. When I press my call light, the response time is very quick. The staff is always there when I need them, and even when I don’t need them they check in on me often. I actually am not rushing to get home and will come back for my next rehabilitation stay.

Edward Cain

Since I started rehabilitation at Cedar View, I feel cared for and it was a pleasure working with all the staff. When not doing rehabilitation, I enjoyed talking with all staff and clients. Cedar View, in my opinion, is a great facility for rehabilitation. The people are caring, forthcoming and always there to teach me what I needed to learn for my return home.“

With Gratitude, Patricia Silva

“I feel happy here, because I feel at home. / Me siento contento aqui, porque me siento como en casa.”

Juan Garcia

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